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Let Time Stand Still For Once.....Create Beautiful Memories and Family Photograph Heirlooms. 

Freeze a moment or two of your family life for ever. 

We aim to create Stunning Artistic Portraits of your newborn or family that will be cherished for ever. This can be done within our Sherborne photography studio, in your home (we bring all the lighting equipment and backdrops that are needed), or on location perhaps in a beautiful woodland setting, on the beach, or an interesting urban backdrop.

Whichever you choose, we offer a fun and very special experience that is tailored entirely to your needs. Whether you are a woman hitting a milestone birthday, a couple looking to make fun memories, newly engaged or a family with a newborn child we will tailor the photography experience to you and create beautiful art pieces that match your personality and style.

We specialise in creating timeless, fine art portraits. You choose your look whether it be fine art, classical or lifestyle portraits , Alexandra will set out to design captivating one-of-a-kind images that are sure to grace your walls and coffee tables for generations to come.We believe in creating portraits that will become prints and wall art or will be encapsulated in elegant, digitally printed, panoramic albums and will be treasured by future generations. Our portrait collections are built to include the social-media ready digital file for any particular wall art product that you purchase so that you can email and share your treasured photographs with family and friends.

Complimentary Initial Meeting

In order to create this experience  Alexandra will meet with you to discuss your expectations and vision, to talk about potential venues, styling, we will discuss your goals, tastes, locations, themes, clothing, props and other specifics. We will also review products and pricing and show examples of some of the lovely products we can create. Approximately one hour should be allowed. This meeting is free of charge and will allow you to decide if working with Alexandra Photography Studios is right for you. 

The Day of the Photoshoot

Capturing your portraits will typically last between 1 to 4 hours depending on what is required. We tailor the time to your families needs, often with younger babies and children morning times are generally better to fit with sleeping and eating patterns. 

After The Photoshoot -The Creative Phase

This is the time consuming and creative phase where your photographs are carefully selected, edited and retouched as required with a fine art finish in Alexandra's signature style. We will design wall art or albums as required and prepare your final image display. We aim to call you to arrange an appointment for you to see your photos within 1-2 weeks, often sooner.

The Unveiling

We schedule a meeting to show you the final images that we have created. This meeting is often best held in your home so that we can reveal your portraits to all members of your family and you can choose and place an order for the photographs and products that you wish to purchase.


Where possible we prefer your photographs are collected from our studio. We are able to arrange hand delivery of your products, all of this partly because we love to see the delight on your faces and also to make sure that nothing is damaged in transit.

Please call 07708 255756 or email to book your complimentary consultation.